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Metz flash photography

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Katrin Sdun-Heinlein

The charm of flowers, shot with Metz mecablitz: Katrin Sdun-Heinlein

To the same extent that light is the all-determining factor in our life, so is light the most important creative element in photography. It is therefore hardly surprising that photos are sometimes referred to as “compositions in light”. The actual photographic image is the result of the interaction of light, shadows and reflections.

Positioning the subject “in the right light” places high demands on the source of light with regard to high output, precise control of the amount of light, short light duration, and the ability to direct the light with a tilt-and-swivel reflector, to name but a few. The only source of light that combines all these benefits is a flash system.




Claes Axstal

A successful shot against the setting sun using the Metz mecablitz for fill-in flash. Shot by Claes Axstål

Do not allow your creativity to be fettered any longer by the restrictions of a flash unit integrated in the camera. Dense backgrounds as black as the night, or red eyes that transform your Uncle into Count Dracula, should be a thing of the past.

A series of flash ideas have been compiled in this booklet to demonstrate the immense flexibility of an external flash unit and help you “compose with light”. Make use of the enormous benefits of this external flash unit to enliven your flash photography!