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MZ003635191 Metz 36AF-5 Canon

Metz 36AF-5
Presenting the Metz mecablitz 36 AF-5C digital for Canon, 36 AF-5N digital for Nikon, 36 AF-5O digital for Olympus and Panasonic, 36 AF-5P for Pentax and 36 AF-5S for Sony Alpha, in the smart Cobra design. With these sophisticated entry-level models Metz has just the right flash solution for these digital camera user groups. In addition, they are impressive because of their easy operation. Even bounce flash becomes child’s play, due to the vertically-tilting reflector. The manually adjustable zoom reflector has other advantages. By adjusting the reflector to different focal lengths, the illumination angle of the 36 AF-5 digital can be optimally utilized.

Output Specifications:
• Guide number 36 with ISO 100/21° (85mm)
• Vertically tilting reflector (+90°)

Wireless Capabilities:
• None

Flash Modes:
• TTL, Rear Curtain Sync, Auto Fill

Additional Specifications:
• Manual zoom head coverage from 28mm to 85mm
• Automatic shutoff
• 18mm diffuser included
• Dimensions: 71 W x 115 D x 95 H cm
• Weight 205g
• Power Supply: 4x AA batteries

Metz 36AF-5 Canon
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