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Metz 50AF-1 flash  
MZ005031191 50 AF-1 Digital Canon

Product description


Due to its high GN of 50 at ISO 100/21° and 105mm focal length, the 50AF-1 digital is not only especially powerful for it's class, but also can be used for indirect flash lighting to great effect. This new evolution of Metz's mid range flash now allows flash coverage down to an incredible 12mm. The 50AF-1 also has tremendous wireless capabilities. It can be used as a receiver flash in all wireless TTL systems. It can be commanded by a flash made by your manufacturer (ex Nikon SB900 / Canon 580EXii etc..) or by a Metz 58 series flash. The 50AF-1 can operate in 3 groups and has 4 wireless TTL channels. A new innovation in the 50 AF-1 is a servo flash mode that allows the photographer to wirelessly trigger the flash using their built in flash in their camera - Even if their camera does not function as a wireless TTL controller. This mode does not allow TTL communication but the flash output can be adjusted on the flash itself to achieve proper exposure off camera.

Output Specifications:
  • Guide number 50 with ISO 100/21° (105mm)
  • Vertical (-7/+90°) and horizontal (270°) swivel reflector

Wireless Capabilities:
  • Receiver - Can receive signals from another Metz 58 or Manufacturer commander (ex Nikon SB900 / Canon 580EXII)
  • Servo mode to allow wireless use with built in camera flashes

Flash Modes:
  • TTL, Manual, Stroboscopic, High Speed Sync, Rear Curtain Sync, Auto Fill

Additional Specifications:
  • USB updateable firmware
  • Integrated autofocus multi-zone measuring flash
  • Automatic unit switch-off and manual key lock
  • Zoom head coverage from 12mm to 105mm
  • Metal flash shoe
  • Power adjustment range: 1/1 to 1/128 power
  • Dimensions: 71 W x 137 D x 99 H
  • Weight 340g
  • Power Supply: 4x AA batteries
50 AF-1 Digital Canon
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