Metz 36 C-2 Digital

THE COMPACT CLASS. With a guide number of 36 and designed in the popular "Cobra" shape.

Those who are looking for a high-precision automatic flash unit will be well served with the mecablitz 36 C-2, it features three different telecomputer apertures (f/8, f/4 and f/2 at ISO 100/21°), as well as a manually adjustable zoom reflector to optimize the light out-put within a focal length range of 28-85 mm.  LED displays on the back of the unit give information about the flash readiness and correct exposure.

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  • GN 36 (m) / GN 118 (ft) with ISO 100/21°
  • Guide No 28 with 35mm focal length
  • Vertical swivel reflector +90°
  • Manual zoom 28 – 85 mm
  • Manual flash mode
  • 3 working apertures
  • Flash ready indication
  • Correct exposure indication
  • Sync cord socket
  • Power sources: alkaline-magnesium batteries and rechargeable batteries
  • Flash recovery time: 0.3-5 seconds
  • Number of flashes: 450

Optional Accessories

  • Spiral synchronous cable 36-52 
  • Standard synchronous cable 36-50
  • Synchronous extension cable 60-54
  • Camera Bracket 40-36
  • Camera bracket 34- 36


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